Misanthrop - Misanthrop [CD Edition]


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Released 30th September 2016

CD Edition. Famous for producing some of the most fearsome drum & bass over the past 10 or more years, Germany’s Misanthrop steps out to deliver his very first solo LP. Coming on his infamous Neosignal imprint which he runs with longtime partner in crime Phace, the self-titled long player is a production tour de force. Unhinged tear-out in places whilst leftfield in others, ‘Misanthrop’ will undoubtedly be slamming out sound systems the world over for a long time to come. “My self-titled album ‘Misanthrop’ has been a labour of love, in the making for the past one and a half years. I’ve taken my trademark dark, edgy sound and tried to combine with more of my musical, more experimental tastes that an album allows you to do. The overall end result is a package that in my opinion is really cool to listen to and also artistically interesting to look at. It is very important to me to produce not only the music but all the physical attributes that are needed to release an album. This is what I’ve done for all my releases and it seemed logical to do it for my debut solo album on Neosignal Recordings. "I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed making it!!”

01. Antimachine
02. Drone
03. Minimalinski

04. Infinite Hysteria
05. Darknet
06. Notbot
07. Trashriot

08. The Funk
09. Fatality
10. Rosebud
11. Tank Man
12. Malfunction
13. Heavy Load