Miniman - Digital Harmonies LP [2x12" Vinyl]


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At the frontier of Dub in digital style, Moonshine Recordings advances their critically acclaimed LP series, embracing the sounds of French producer and true-to-the-roots live artist Miniman. Fierce proponent of sound system music for more than two decades, the veteran is at it again in full force. A journey through his musical universe - embedded within the varied sonic nature of Dub, strictly rigged for the dance floor.

Procuring an immense sense of space, ‘Path of Stars’ leaves listeners mingling with interstellar harmonica melodies on a firm foundation of low frequency movement, striking just the right chord skanks. Roots vocalist Murray Man spearheads ‘From Creation’ on a militant groove, topped off by eerie theremin fragments and crystal-clear harmonies. ‘Ascension’ profoundly turns up the heat as radical chord stabs intersperse with its zealous bass line - a no holds barred conquest. Hurled into a spiritual heavyweight meditation, flute arpeggios lead the way towards ‘Ancestors’ in a rootikal Stepper’s fashion. ‘Galactica’ ramps up the energy as its rocket-like trajectory sends you off into its high-energy sub combustion, making way for the next, subsequent sound system belter. ‘Marching Dub’ takes hold of every last fibre of your body, as its ample effectuation takes care of the rest. Returning for one more, Murray Man chants lyrical wisdom in ‘Nough A Dem Afraid Away’ - conscious lyrics on a sublime, instrumental foundation.

Resonant filter sweeps introduce the royal march of ‘Knights of Dub’ - high-velocity movements in action as the assertive soundscape roams free and unrestrained, assuredly causing havoc in the dance. Thoroughly stirring the foundation one last time ‘Back Inna De Yard’ takes off the gloves to hurl listeners into a militant Dub vortex, augmented by female vocal fragments and a ridiculously forceful low-end.

a1. Miniman - Path of Stars

a2. Miniman - From Creation ft. Murray Man

a3. Miniman - Ascension

b1. Miniman - Ancestors

b2. Miniman - Galactica

c1. Miniman - Marching Dub

c2. Miniman - Nough A Dem Afraid Away ft. Murray Man

d1. Miniman - Knights Of Dub

d2. Miniman - Back Inna De Yard