Mike Brooks & The Roots Radics - Love and Broad Highway


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Released 25th November 2016

Two rugged cuts of the 'Love and Broad Highway' piece from Mike Brooks and the Roots Radics.
Comes on Mike Brooks Harvest label. Love and Broad Highway first surfaced in the early 1980s and has never been re-pressed since.
Comes with two cuts of Mike Brooks ‘Long Long Time on the flip side.

Long Long Time was released in the UK on Hitrun and again has never been re-pressed since its first press.
Recorded in Jamaica and released in the Uk without Mikey’s knowledge. All remastered direct from master tape.
Mikey is back by the Roots Radics band who were in their prime at the time of recording. Tough sticky roots. Comes in a custom bag.

a1. Love and Broad Highway

a2. Version

b1. Long Long Time

b2. Version