Mikarma - Passes LP Disc 1


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Damon Kirkham [Kid DramaInstra:mentalJon Convex] Presents Mikarma - Passes

Kirkham's newest album comes in the form of a project under a new identity; Mikarma.

The album is a cathartic project for the accomplished electronic musician. A catharsis of emotion coupled with a restriction in studio equipment that leads to new creative means and avenues. Speaking on the reasons of the self-imposed minimal studio set up he states "Sometimes when you have too much equipment wired up it can be overwhelming and you end up just playing around for the most part."

It become apparent that there was a need for the producer to get the best out of his parameters, a process he was already familiar with "When we started back in the 90's we had a minimal setup... and because of that you would get the most you could out of each bit of kit."

Kirkham goes on to elaborate on the cathartic nature of the album "Breaking up in a relationship with the woman you love is a really draining emotional experience, I'm a person who finds it hard to outwardly express my emotions, I hold it in which is pretty unhealthy but i think writing music releases some of the pressure built up. The sad thing is my best work is normally when I'm at my lowest."

a1. Mikarma - Understanding

a2. Mikarma - Intake

b1. Mikarma - Links

b2. Mikarma - Spectral