Metrodome - Manchester Since 1994


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Release Date: 27th May 2022

Manchester’s Metrodome makes his debut on 1985 Music with his weird but wonderful ‘Manchester Since 1994 EP’. This 4 track collection celebrates the best of the UK rave sound and choppy beats.

“The making of this EP came from my obsession with old skool rave music!
I have been a record collector and DJ since I was 4 years old and I grew up around music, ravers and DJs.

My dad told me the only way to get me to sleep was to put on Marcus Intalex and Mark XTC's 'Da Intalex' show on Pirate Radio station Kiss 102 FM back around 1995/1996.

This EP is dedicated to 4 year old me who loved Photek, Tom & Jerry, Orbital and Aphex Twin.

a1. Metrodome - Superfucked

a2. Metrodome - Lover 2Nite

b1. Metrodome - Every time

b2. Metrodome - Jesus