Mens "Junglist Movement" T-Shirt (Red)


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Official merchandise, direct from Aerosoul. All sizes/colours available.
All items come poly-bagged with an Aerosoul / Junglist Movement pin-badge.
Very high quality t-shirt/print, will stand the test of time.

Established in 1998, Aerosoul is the original supplier of the World famous "Junglist Movement" clothing brand. For the first time since its inception they have teamed up with a distributor and Unearthed are proud to represent it.

Founder & Designer Leke Adesoye founded the brand after training at the London College of Fashion, bringing together two of his driving passions, music, in the form of underground jungle, hip-hop, soul and breakbeat, and fashion, realising his dream of creating an Exclusive urban streetwear company. Throughout the next 17 years, Aerosoul has established itself and has gone on to achieve more than any other similar brand. The defining ethos of Aerosoul is combining music and fashion, by capturing the energy of the music by design, branding, and ultimately, clothing. Original, highly sought-after exclusive urban streetwear is the result, including the now-iconic Junglist Movement t-shirt. The brand has taken on an international presence, and is worn across the globe by the very biggest names in urban music and beyond, and famously immortalised in the cult-classic 90's film Human Traffic.