Mene Man / Seventh Sense - Save This World [7" Vinyl]


(£6.08 Incl VAT)

Partial Records

Released 14th October 2016

Partial Records return to the vaults of the legendary Jah Works label, originally based in Reading and formed in the late 1980’s. The label produced some of the most essential UK roots reggae with a string of artists recording for the label including Martin Campbell, Donette Forte, G.T. Moore and many more. Reading-based Mene Man recorded a handful of tunes for the label including `Who Are You’ (reissued in 2014 on a Partial Records 10” – PRTL10002) and `Dub Them’ (reissued simultaneously with this release on a Partial Records 7” PRTL7036). `Save This World’ is a slice of vocal roots and indicated by the title, deals with the perils and tribulations of our planet. The rhythm is hard as nails. Backed with a different dub mix from the original release in 2002.

a1. Mene Man - Save This World

b1. Seventh Sense - Save This Dub