Matrixxman & Setaoc Mass - Pitch Black EP


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Release Date: 2nd June 2017

Figure is excited to present the first outing of what might soon prove to be one of techno's most promising collaborations. While Seatoc Mass' two pristinely crafted EPs have already left their mark on the label, Matrixxman has been turning heads across the scenes with his exceptionally prolific track record.

Drawing upon common thoughts on futuristic themes and their respective strengths as producers from different continents, their joint effort clearly conveys one distinct approach, yet unites the seemingly opposite. Regardless of being no-nonsense dancefloor-weapons, the four tracks still brim with detail, their vibrant elements communicating playfully.

On their shared EP these artists have struck a rare balance. They delicately hover between the spacious and the claustrophobic, the modern and the classic, the stern and the elated - while never losing focus of their mutual mission.

a1. Vortex

a2. Reckoning

b1. Second

b2. Pitch Black