Matrixxman & Echologist - The Black & White EP [2x12" Vinyl]


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Planet Rhythm

Released 2nd September 2016

Matrixxman and Echologist team up for PRRUK's 2X12" EP "Black & White". As the title suggests, this comes in a Black + White package showcasing sturdy Techno rhythms that have happened when these two stalwarts got into the studio together. Acidic tones, thumping bass drums and adventurous FX sweeps. From rhythm driven Techno cuts to the more oddball bits, "The Black & White EP" proves to be a versatile yet energetic package.

A1 Confidence

A2 Messiah

B1 Turned To Stone

B2 Mainframe

C1 Freeway

C2 Bashar Al Assad

D1 Time Loss

D2 Trident