Mathis Ruffing - Down to Univearth EP


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Banlieue Records

At 21 years old, Mathis Ruffing has already managed to craft a signature sound, elegant and mature with a focus on melody and texture. Rewardingly diverse, the EP touches on several genres and influences, ranging from cosmic to earthy dancefloor cuts, acid, grime, proper electro, IDM and ambient. The common thread on this record is the search for balance between heartfelt melodies on one hand and on the other a form of immediacy, raw and almost industrial. Ruffing has no trouble finding this balance and adding five terrific tracks to the Banlieue catalogue. 

a1. Basalt

a2. Celeste Undressed

b1. Auersberger (Jibbit mix)

b2. Multiplex Motion

b3. Tetrachord