Massive Dub Corp - Time Collapse / Vent Solaires (Incl. Digid & Dubbing Sun remixes)


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Release Date: 12th March 2021

Dreadwise Music is proud to present: Massive Dub Corporation, “Time Collapse” & “Vent Solaires” with 2 heavyweight remixes from Digid and Dubbing Sun.

Taken from the second studio album (The Event Horizon) by French Dub sensation Massive Dub Corporation. Both feature tracks on this 12” breath new life into the realms of dub and jazz with MDC's unique blend of electronic squelch and soundscapes, coupled with a musicianship un-matched and un-paralled within the current Dub landscape.

A-side: Time Collapse enters with a rough bass line, led by effervescent horns and an infectious growling groove while Dubbing Sun and Digid on remix duty take the track to the next level, with an absolute monster steppas version that rattles and thunders ever forwards, all the while maintaining skankability. Sure to rattle a few speaker boxes!

B-side: Vent Solaires is much gentler on approach, opening with a fuzzy distorted sound, giving way to a mellow marimba and then into some solo horn adventures which see us tumble up, down left and right before finally touching down back to earth on this wonderful musical journey. Digid and Dubbing Sun fail to disappoint yet again offering a remix that's as haunting as it is heavy.

Cut and Mastered at the legendary Stardelta, this 12” hits hard sonicaly from start to finish, a serious piece of wax for the forward thinking head and Muso alike.

This is the 4th offering from Dreadwise Music, a vinyl only label based in Nottingham UK, focused on pushing a sound steeped in world music and Jazz while maintaining a dark Dub sensibility.

a1. Massive Dub Corporation - Time Collapse

a2. Massive Dub Corporation - Time Collapse (Digid & Dubbing Sun remix)

b1. Massive Dub Corporation - Vent Solaires

b2. Massive Dub Corporation - Vent Solaires (Digid & Dubbing Sun remix)