Masaki Uchida - Xenolinguistics [Cassette]


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Release Date: 6th October 2017

Following up on their intricate and thought-provoking cassette from Berlin’s Circula, and a string of highly appreciated Bandcamp compilations, Loose Lips turn the tables to present this debut album from Japanese producer, Masaki Uchida.

The mysterious composer presents his inaugural venture into album territory with a full length LP soaked in atmosphere, intimidating noise and razor sharp attention to detail. Uchida’s uncanny approach leaves the listener dazzled, moving from perturbed ambience and experimental sound design through to baffling broken rhythms.

Xenolinguistics’ thoughtfulness comes from anger, prayer and sorrow. Despite sounding alternative in its construction, Masaki’s desire is to to share these expressions with popular culture. 

The album is rounded off by 2 remixes from Loose Lips crew members, Rico Casazza and T-Scale. Following Casazza’s masterful album of moody electro on Archipelearlier this year, the inspired Italian here covers ‘Logos’ in sophisticated breakbeats & moving instrumentation. Then T-Scale’s remix transforms the already overwhelming ‘Black Puzzle’ into a lengthy industrial labyrinth.

Mastered at Dadub Studios.

01. Logos

02. Ecilahc

03. Sanctum

04. Neximalina

05. Black Puzzle

06. Invisible

07. El Cantare

08. Blind Blue

09. Thaumaturgy

10. Mist

11. Vftuk

12. Unverified

13. Logos (Rico Casazza Remix)

14. Black Puzzle (T-Scale Remix)