martianMan 002


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Released 16th December 2016

Returning from the unknown space of his debut, martianMan is back to refine his label’s ethos, continuing the exploration of sci-fi themes & deep ambience with Vol.2

The opener, “Got A Dream”, bubbles up from submerged atmospheres, as a crisp, rattling break fights its way through the fog. martianMan once again shows off his ear for textures; subtle vocals fade in and out of an entrancing, bottomless pad. A dark-meets-light journey through the cosmos.

“Amber Fields” comes straight from the halcyon days of the mid-90’s intelligent movement. A light, rolling Hot Pants break gives way to a myriad of pads, strings and bleeps, each element shifting neatly throughout the fold. Fans of the Good Looking vibe would do well to pick up this piece of subtle, understated beauty.

a. Got A Dream

b. Amber Fields