martianMan 001


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Released 4th November 2016

Somewhere from deep space, (or rather, the deep south) arrives the awaited first release on martianMan Recordings. Inspired by his surroundings in the sweltering Texas heat, the reclusive martianMan has silently been honing his craft, now building upon previous outings on the mighty Scientific Wax and Stand Firm Hi-Fi labels, to name a few. These two tunes are sure to set the standard for the label with his unique take on deep, cosmic drum & bass for the mind.

“Unknown Amen” brings forth martianMan’s signature outer-space pads, blips, and bass punctuated by a nimble Amen. The mood here is fleeting and hazy; the ever-expanding layers of ambience will make sure you never end up in the same place you started.

In traditionalist 12” style, “Unknown Space” is a chilled-out complement to its flipside. Cosmic atmospheres morph and evolve from some thick, dream-like state, flittering between smudged, restless breaks. “This is not a mind trip, this is a mind journey…”

a. Unknown Amen

b. Unknown Space