Margot - Moderno


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Release Date: 2nd June 2017

Releasing timeless music has always been one of the main aims of Hivern. Sometimes, this purpose asserts itself in curious manners. Take Margot's 'Moderno', a track made in 2003, several years before the label was born. Actually, when Pepe and Giaga produced the piece for a punk oriented art installation, Margot didn't even exist as a project. 14 years later, 'Moderno' sounds as fresh and contemporary as it can be. It's one of those cuts that chases a very specific idea with a very unconstrained scheme, that knows exactly where it wants to go, but is not sure about how to get there.

a1. Moderno

a2. Moderno (Marc Pinol Morning Remix)

b1. Moderno (Marc Pinol Acid Remix)

b2. Apple S