Marcus Intalex - Stark / Virgo [Repress]


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Release Date: 23rd February 2018

A-side: 'Stark' Classic tune! No doubt nobody else would have been able to orchestrate that well so a large scape of unexpected tonalities. These mastered wobbles and swinging rhythm make definitely up Marcus' secret weapons. Some pure electric sounds dive you in a delicious nostalgic style of his own. The final result : a furiously original dance song.

B-side: 'Virgo' This is first a matter of musicality. A lively & lovely lead which is redolent of some of the biggest D&B anthems. A peerless technical and musical knowhow we can feel at every step of the tune. That percussive drum slightly enveloped by an ethereal melody creates a perfect well balanced ambiance. Absolute dancefloor killer.

a. Stark

b. Virgo