Manonmars - In Colour


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Available: 4th December 2020

Manonmars is back again, alongside O$VMV$M on instrumentals with the 2nd full length, titled ‘In Colour’.

Building on the foundations built over years of mutual understanding and musical endeavours as part of the Young Echo team, the London-via-Bristol rapper has been climbing that MC Escher type lyrical ladder for years now, painting pictures with word-sound in the coolest & deadliest ways, and forming his very own style.

Somehow he makes it sound easy when these intricate rhymes and words spill across O$VMV$M’s skewed symphonies, dropping slapdash punchlines in the midst of highly real observations about life in the city, lights off, lights on. Manonmars, to us, depicts a lens of someone who isn’t about to conform to any stream, not about to give in to the relentless pace of capitalism, not up for the rat-race, more up for slowing time, and seeing things for what they are, a surrealist take on what could otherwise be a mundane world.

I guess it’s fair to say that life can be grey sometimes - so for our own sanity, we need to make sure to add colour. Manonmars does this, with heaps of imagination and witty real-talk, fired off in bullet time, perfectly hitting that fine-line between entertainment, and deadpan seriousness - a balancing act, juggled with verbs & conjunctions, over a backdrop of timeless rhythm & melody.

Perhaps a less insular album than the first self-titled record, this LP sees guest appearances from Young Echo’s ‘Guest’ and Bogues (both voices of Jabu) on vocals. Fresh Bristol blood ‘Birthmark’ and ‘Axel Holey’ appear with lyrics too, and there is a special vocal injection from Paulina Korobkiewicz, reciting writings by Polish painter and colour artist Wojciech Fangor, and drawing a connection between the music and the visual aspect of Manonmars’ practice.

a1. Manonmars - Mural

a2. Manonmars - Br3323 

a3. Manonmars - Black Cat

a4. Manonmars - 4smoke (feat Guest) 

a5. Manonmars - 4eva 

a6. Manonmars - Sideman 

a7. Manonmars - Hollow (feat Axel Holy & Bogues)

b1. Manonmars - Walk/Resurrection 33 

b2. Manonmars - Bloodstone 

b3. Manonmars - Da Fo 

b4. Manonmars - Kings 

b5. Manonmars - Armour (feat Birthmark)

b6. Manonmars - Alcatel 

b7. Manonmars - Post Metal 

b8. Manonmars - Pidgeon 

b9. Manonmars - LastI