Mani Festo & Private Caller - Hooversound Presents: Private Caller & Mani Festo


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Available: 19th February 2021

Hooversound have steadily been growing since they dropped their debut release from Hyroglifics and Sinistarr back in March. SHERELLE and NAINA haven’t let 2020 interfere with their plans to continue to share gems the label have been sitting on for a while. Since then, the Hoover duo have followed up in June to deliver a powerful EP from Deft, alongside releasing an experimental dubstep record from emerging producer HØST back at the end of August, which included a rowdy re-work from Om Unit. Next up on unstoppable Hooversound, the ladies have combined two of their favourite artists on a split EP, bringing together two individual tracks from Private Caller and Mani Festo for the first time on one four track project, on “Hooversound Presents”.

Hailing from the Midlands, Nottingham based DJ and producer Private Caller has turned a lot of heads recently. He takes his inspiration from Jungle, Grime, Hardcore and heavy Techno. Known for the way he uses old Jungle Breaks and 90’s Rave music, Private Caller brings a new and refreshing take on underground Dance, which has led him to work with Tumble Audio, One Puf and Hardcore Energy to name a few. Enter Mani Festo, a producer and DJ based in London, with roots deep in Hardcore and Jungle and has had ongoing support and plays from several established radio DJs here in the UK. Mani Festo is known for his heavyweight breakbeat sound and his collective/ label (alongside Denham Audio, Borai, LMajor) ‘Club Glow’, who have been making a lot of noise this year with their resurgence of rave and breakbeat crossovers alongside captivating visuals. The
roducer hasn’t gone unnoticed having released on iconic labels such as Rupture, E-Beamz, Warehouse Rave and Swamp 81.

What makes HOO04 so unique, is the combination of both these artists on one project. Both Mani Festo and Private Caller deliver their signature styles on their individual tracks, making the entire project an explosive yet nostalgic blend of breaks and rave. Each track is a standalone anthem, but together, the four tracks combined are a nostalgic acid trip, that belongs in any club or radio set. Having already had support from LCY, NAINA, and Nastia, it also gained a lot of attention in SHERELLES recent Dekmantel mix.

a1. Private Caller - You

a2. Private Caller - Inside

b1. Mani Festo - Dangerous Species

b2. Mani Festo - Titan