Lundin Oil - North Gate


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Northern Electronics

A1 – Trading in Souls: The first of four tracks on the EP starts with an industrial drone track that has bags of suspense and drama right from the off. The main sound is a very metallic synth sound that has a real draw you in feeling. There are little vox sounds that bounce out of the main lead sounds and the use of these adds detailing that keep the initial sounds more interesting on the ear.

A2 – Peeled-off faces: Ok now this is quite a daunting title for a track and will probably conjure up a darker world from where this tune has come. You would be correct in thinking this way as this track is not for the feint hearted. Its not a hard track by any stretch of the imagination but its relentless in its styling. The rhythm is like a train chugging along and the effect sound of steam being vented seems to add to this vision. At times it almost sounds like spray can art captured in audio form. The groove is very cyclic and trance inducing, and this will certainly run around your brain in a slightly disturbed way.

B1 – They Need Tragedy: The “B-Side” begins with a very tribal techno piece that has a machine like quality to it. The groove of the percussive elements is very mechanical and sounds like a set of robotic machines pressing and forming some kind of metal structure. The grinding sounds also enhance the assembly line loop, when coupled with the tapping pop sounds gives more depth to the overall feeling of this minimal but some how addictive track.

B2 – White Success: The final tune of this 4 track EP goes down a more peaceful and ambient road. The spaced out soundscape is really drifty and pleasant to listen too. Think Blade Runner soundtrack and you’re not far off. Beautiful pads wash up and down the piece and the use of space fx sounds give a very pleasing and wondrous feel to this tune. This is a proper eyes shut and let yourself go moment and is a great way to end this EP.

Appealing to listeners who like their music coming from a darker more industrial zone, but dig a bit of curve ball, sci-fi ambience on the side. For people who want something slightly leftfield then check this EP out as there is a bit of variety here in terms of overall content.

(Aural Imbalance Review)

a1. Trading In Souls

a2. Peeled-Off Faces

b1. They Need Tragedy

b2. White Success