Luke Eargoggle, Kan3da, Obergman & Rutherford - Guests of Reality


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The Guests of Reality EP is a quality look at the past, present and future of electronic music, a well crafted EP where every track can stand on its own two feet. Definitely recommended and is well worth having on your shelves.

a1 - Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da - Night Smoker: This track has a retro electro feel going on with proper raw sounding bass sound that holds up a wonderfully crafted piano arp and shimmering vocal fx string sounds. Big energy here for this tune and a superb way to start the EP.

a2 - Kan3da – Photoptarmosis - Kan3da: continues the EP with a shiny tech style that encompasses intricate acid noises with washed out synth pad sounds adding a kind of mysterious and haunting atmosphere. Little blips leap out of the track as it progresses, and as for beat structure, a very snappy and crunchy snare is the most prominent feature here really adding urgency to the motion of this piece.

b1 - Obergman – Rosetta: Rosetta fuses the wondrous sound of early electro vibes with interesting wobbles of synth, quality squelchy business going on this jam! The use of pitch bent sounds and LFO oscillations make this a kind of sci-fi adventure, and very prominent stab noises penetrate through as the track develops. A dark vibe for the wobblers amongst you.

b2 - Luke Eargoggle – Ambulance: A very apt title for this tune as it sounds like a emergency ward going crazy - analog sounds that have a quirky and weird quality to them, machine code communications are what we are left with. Excellent use of both syncopated noises as well as more slightly loose feeling sounds, bleepy but well thought out - freestyle with style.

b3 - Rutherford – Fordelningspolitik: Rutherford closes the EP with a combination of all that has gone before, massive arpeggiated noodles and melodic pads create a slinky vibe, pure depth with a spacey atmosphere, uplifted with outstanding leads. A solid ending to a tidy EP.

a1. Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da - Night Smoker

a2. Kan3da - Photoptarmosis

b1. Obergman - Rosetta

b2. Luke Eargoggle - Ambulance

b3. Rutherford - Fordelningspolitik