Lukas Bohlender - The Sublime EP


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Release Date: 7th November

Give a warm welcome to one of Munich's finest electronic music producer talents Lukas Bohlender who's delivering a stunner of a debut EP for Compost Black with his Sublime EP - backed up by a floor friendly
Beanfield & Thomas Herb Remix this little beauty truly lives up to its name!

A couple of years ago - around 2009/2010 - when we hosted our Black Label Sessions parties at Munich club Harry Klein we've regularly spotted a guy on the dancefloor - dancing and grinning - well he always seemed to enjoy himself
hanging out at our parties - this guy was Lukas Bohlender. 

It didn't take too long and a little chat has been held beside the DJ booth - exchanging thoughts about this and that and of course about the music or the DJ who was playing. 

So sooner or later the seed for our relation has been planted. When Lukas sent us his tune Club Chateau in the autumn of 2012 he primarily wanted to hear our opinion but we were simply blown away and signed the track for the Various Artists three tracker Black Label #94 which has been released in spring 2013. 

Lukas tune went into the boxes and playlists from Agoria to
Tiesto (no joke!) and marked a first success. 

The year after we hooked up Lukas in order to remix Robinn's The Game Is Now Over feat. Nathaniel Pearn (aka Natural Self) on the vocals - and again he did a great job delivering a beautiful remix. So we were quite curious and excited when Lukas knocked on our door earlier this year and played us two tracks he just finished - The Sublime and Curly Bun - and he truly took our hearts by storm again. 

The title track is based on a strong polyphonic bassline and being topped by heavenly keys and organs it builds and builds to epic dimensions in a sublime way - if we could, we'd open a new sub-genre called Gentlemen House for this one :-) Curly Bun with its beat less intro and broken beat structure is starting out a bit more laidback but unfolding it's relentless slipstream bar by bar - backed by a strong bassline and topped by a dedicated synth programming and two very nice piano gimmicks. 

To round things off we've asked our long time Compost Records stalwarts Beanfield & Thomas Herb to contribute a remix for The Sublime. 

The duo who already teamed up previously to remix Emilie Nana's Tolstoy Changes, stripped back the rich musical elements of the original to its essence, add a rougher SP1200 twist in their beat programming and took a more repetitive / Detroit inspired route in their arrangement / mix to make it work their dancefloors - great job! Nuff said!!


a1. The Sublime

a2. Curly Bun

b1. The Sublime (Beanfield & Thomas Herb Remix)