LSB & DRS - The Blue Hour [2x12"]


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Release Date: 6th December 2019

DRS & LSB, two of the most exciting artists in drum & bass today, introduce 'The Blue Hour' on LSB's Footnotes label. A unique, full length LP collaboration that draws together their shared musical influences of jazz, hip hop, indie, classical, 80's and of course D&B.

"We've been writing music on and off for the last 5 years and following on from the Space Age mixes we did online we felt it was a good time to do a full release together. Initially we just considered doing an EP but then went on tour in America twice in 2 months in early 2019. During this time we had 5 days off in an apartment in Dallas. So we borrowed a sound card and using Del's tour mic began writing together. We got 6 tracks written and took them back to the UK to be developed into final versions.

It was then that we thought we may have an album on our hands and as we both wanted to really grow as artists, push beyond what we've both done The Blue Hour was born.

You'll hear DRS pushing his voice a lot more, personal lyrical content, experimental arrangements and live instrumentation that all combine inside and out of the D&B sphere to make an album we're immensely proud of and hope people enjoy listening to." - LSB 2019

a1. LSB & DRS - Frozen

a2. LSB & DRS - Scarred

a3. LSB & DRS - Faded

a4. LSB & DRS - High As She

b1. LSB & DRS - Keep The Time

b2. LSB & DRS - Jazz Arps

b3. LSB & DRS - Letting Go

b4. LSB & DRS - Umbrellas

c1. LSB & DRS - Could Be

c2. LSB & DRS - I'm Changing

c3. LSB & DRS - Rise & Fall

d1. LSB & DRS - Make You Love Me

d2. LSB & DRS - Like it Used To

d3. LSB & DRS - Stop The World