Lost Loops ‎– Respect The Craft


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Available From: 30th October 2020

For this full length album release on Suspect Packages we present to you an unknown Bournemouth based producer known only as Lost Loops, he’s had plenty of material out in other genres of music over the years, namely Drum & Bass, but here and now, it’s all about the dusty Jazz sampling boom bap bangin’ Hip Hop beats.

After receiving a promo copy of this unreleased gem we found ourselves continually pressing play on this magnificent set of tracks that all seemed to flow effortlessly into one an other, oozing 100% quality production. We investigated further and found an artist that isn’t present on any social media platform, aside from Soundcloud, and simply wants to let the music do the talking. Without hesitation, we wanted to be the ones to let the world know about Lost Loops and Respect The Craft.

Predominantly an instrumental affair this 18 track album takes you on a magnificent journey into a jazz, soul, funk and hip hop soundscape with each track lifting the vibes and giving you a feeling of freedom and enlightenment during these strange times. Adding to the flavour come emcees Phoenix Da Icefire, Pupils Of The Clock & Myndd, plus DJ’s Jabbathakut & Twitch.

a1. Just For Now

a2. Platinum Thoughts feat. Phoenix Da Icefire

a3. As The Dust Settles

a4. Interlude 1

a5. Voices

a6. What It Means To Me feat. Jabba Tha Kut

a7. Eldorado

a8. Life On Mars feat. Pupils Of The Clock

a9. Interlude 2

b1. Oh Boy!

b2. Mirage

b3. Holding Weight feat. Myndd

b4. Ruff Instrumental ft/ DJ Twitch

b5. Interlude 3

b6. Respect The Craft feat. Jabba Tha Kut

b7. It's Been Emotional

b8. Only Time Will Tell

b9. Kiss