Lloyd SB - Boida Flare


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Release Date: 3rd June 2016

20 year old Sheffield based producer Jack Chapman AKA Lloyd SB spans multiple genres, moods and BPMs on 'Boida Flare', his debut EP via London collective Nervous Horizon.

"The release contains tracks I made within the last couple of months to almost two years ago. It feels good to see these tracks side by side on the same release as you can see how I’ve developed my sound over time and experimented with different tempos. I came up with the name for 'Boida Flare' after watching a Boi-1da interview on YouTube where he spoke about artists having their own individual flair. It’s more of a name I gave for the palette of sounds I’ve made, similar to a collective noun. But then I adapted the spelling to link in the Wiley vocals before the drop ‘I light up the dance’…‘I told you before I’m a top boy’."

After early support from Murlo, Slackk, Scratcha DVA and Plastician, his first track 'X-Out' was released on the very respected Boxed001 compilation. He joins the Nervous Horizon crew after signing '3 x 23' to their Vol 1 compilation last summer. He recently played the Nervous Horizon Boiler Room session curated by Sound Pellegrino's Teki Latex, another big supporter of his music.

With the title track seeing early support by Kode 9 on BBC Radio 1, the EP features a multitude of productions with influences ranging from grime to techno, a collaboration with Wallwork, 'The Portal', and a percussive remix of 'Pirate Bay' by TSVI.

As FACT Magazine called for when they named him in their 10 Grime Producers to Watch in 2016 - "Surely now’s the time for a full EP?"

a1. Lloyd SB - Boida Flare

a2. Lloyd SB - Hypercube

a3. Lloyd SB - King of the Castle

b1. Lloyd SB - Peach's Palace

b2. Lloyd SB - Pirate Bay

b3. Lloyd SB ft. Wallwork - The Portal

b4. Lloyd SB - Pirate Bay (TSVI Remix)