L'estasi Dell'oro - Aut Delectare Aut Prodesse Est


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Release Date: 1st September 2017

Field Records looks to L'estasi Dell'oro (Christopher Ernst, aka Penalune) for a new three-track EP for sound systems that once again takes us down the rabbit hole. Following on from his previous 'I Look Upon Nature While I Live in a Steel City' album in 2015, this is another masterfully drawn out and engaging affair. "Either to please or to educate" is the intended purpose of this EP release, utilizing guitar, tabla, and other electronic and acoustic instruments. The incessant movement of the metronomic tremors felt underneath our plains lay the rhythm. The threadbare dialogue we use to communicate frays slightly further. These spirals are given an explicit voice through Leader Annabelle Kuwe's dispassioned public address to the remaining world at the Great Meeting of 2166, as recounted by Sadie LaPierre on closer 'Achieve Ignition'.

a1. Metronomic Tremors

b1. Dialectics On Hold

b2. Achieve Ignition