Lenzman - All For You EP [Repress]


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Repress Released 7th July 2017

After six years with seminal label Metalheadz, building his reputation through a steady output of Soulful Drum & Bass, Lenzman is about to embark on a new journey: launching his own label.

The North Quarter, named after the neighbourhood where he grew up, will be an outlet for both his own productions as well as music by like minded individuals, who share a love and dedication for all things soulful. Naturally its first release is a Lenzman EP: ‘All For You’.

Taking everything that has shaped him musically and has meant something to him over the years, Lenzman is combining these ingredients to create something heartfelt. Music with imperfections, born in heartache and pain, joy and laughter; a human celebration. Something far beyond container concepts like ‘Drum & Bass’. A classic attitude shaped in 21st century interpretations, a beautiful struggle if you will. Rather than offering a single track, The North Quarter is about reaching deeper, allowing artists a more varied pallet and more freedom.

a1. Lenzman - African Dream

a2. Lenzman - Grateful

b1. Children Of Zeus feat. DRS - Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)

b2. Lenzman - Don't Let Go