Lemmy Ashton - TNC001


(£9.29 Incl VAT)


Released 2nd September 2016

Resident at fabled London clubbing institution Bugged Out, Lemmy Ashton delves into his own expansive collection of house, disco and electro to deliver the first ever release on his much awaited new label, ‘TNC’. Consisting of four varied and irresistible dancefloor numbers extensively tweaked and tested on dancefloors across the capital and beyond, TNC001 maintains a timeless feel while capturing the forward thinking approach of one of London’s best loved and most versatile DJs. Side A is gunning exclusively for the club. On opening gambit Strut, carefree female vocals remind us; “It’s all about the rhythm, and the love.” The former is easy to lock into, thanks to an undulating sequence of tasteful kicks and toms, while the latter follows, oozing out of the speakers and onto the dancefloor. Following on with force, ‘Vicious’ delivers on the promise of it’s title, blending a classic house sample with an admirably gnarly onslaught of gritty electro and relentless drums. This is a peak time bomb that takes no prisoners, sonically landing somewhere between noughties Paris and eighties Chicago. Meanwhile, the disco inflected B side promises breezier styles. The tellingly titled ‘Burnin Up’ marries an extravagant, vogue indebted intro with a shamelessly crowd pleasing piano jam that’s pure peak time energy, bursting at the seams with tension and release. As if delivered from a sweatier disco across town, ‘Breaker Breaker’ begins in choppy, more idiosyncratic fashion, eventually collapsing into a similarly joyous vocal number, while never losing its offbeat charm.

1. Strut
2. Vicious
3. Burnin’ Up
4. Breaker Breaker