Lemmon Grass - Elegal2 EP


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Lemmon Grass - "ELEGAL2" EP Unsung and hard to find material from recondite UK producer Lemmon Grass aka Scott Featherstone. Whilst the B-side collects and re-releases 2 tracks from the 1993 'One O Them' record (originally released on the British House label Triumph Records) the A-side digs through Scott's unreleased demos from the same time period and proudly reintroduces them into the flow of 2020. All the tracks are top notch and range from deftly programmed 808 beat tools to seriously uplifting 4/4 and showcase the talents of a producer that obviously has pure house music energy running through his veins. 

A1 Julie Must Fly  

A2 Freak in Me

B1 Barly Rd

B2 121