Lemme Kno - UNTHANK 9


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LEMME KNO = MAX D (aka your boy/"my dude"/Future Times crew) + DJ ISLE O' MAN (aka MB/Morgan Buckley/Wino Boys crew).

A1 – The Tie with The Most Stripes | This intriguing entitled track has a twang of late 80’s hip hopers about its person. The break beat has a days gone by swing to it, but the musicality is where this tune goes down a different path. It all starts minimally with samples that flow over the beats to great effect, the introduction of more synth based sounds offer an earlier rave feeling done in a slightly more modern way. The energy of the track is not to crazy but head nodding in its presentation, odd rolling synth snippets add a certain lift overall.

A2 – Way (188 Krew Mix) | The second slab of break beat fury follows a similar route of the previous tune. This however has more immediacy to it, and focuses on a let’s go a bit loopy on the dance floor vibe. The beats are neck snappingly good, raucous, powerful and full of beans, think running man on the spot and you are getting there . The sound set adds to the overall attitude of the track, with vocal sections, instruments licks and fx. This really is a hip hop instrumentalist dream come true, the arrangement of this piece really has the feel of people who really dig this type of music. Top Stuff.

B1 – 1234567 | The final cut on the EP takes the early rave breaks track and captures it to perfection, with added deep vibes for good measure. The beats used have such a clean and bright sound to them, the feeling is one of sheer beauty. Once the pad sounds drop, it takes the listener into a deeper realm whilst maintaining an uplifting and positive stance. The thing with creating something like this would be to make it relevant and Lemme Kno have done that with 1234567. The feeling of something that strikes such a chord with old skool listeners but takes it into 2016 and beyond is skilful to say the least. 1234567 has captured this 90’s passion and made it sound current.

The overall feeling of this EP is one that has a nostalgic doff one’s cap moment to the great sounds of days past, but keeping up to the demands of the more modern listener. This is a superb EP and a must have for all of the break beat lovers out there. 10/10

Breakbeat experiments, shplittin’ atoms and 90s jeep beats.

• Debut EP collabo from Max D & Morgan Buckley
• Strictly limited vinyl
• Silkscreened 2 colour artwork by House Of Traps
• Clear 10" Vinyl!

a1. The Tie With The Most Stripes

a2. Way (188 Krew Mix)

b1. 1234567