Leiras - Hepta


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Released 16th September 2016

"Hepta" is the greek word for the number seven. Significant, full of knowledge and symbolism; these metaphoric fields are associated since the beginning of Ownlife. It is also the title of the new release on the platform. This time, as it happens regularly since its creation, signed by the ideologist, Leiras. Another four tracks that anticipate some of the sounds that will appear in future deliveries, entering into unexplored lands until this date. The record opens with an homonym track. Synths with pure voltage nuances around layered kicks that characterizes this perfect cut for long mixes. "Nubian Legacy" combines the oneiric landscapes with the ambient and techno in an unprecedented way for Ownlife. On the "B side", we can find the atemporal functionality of "Neopagan" to the cold and physical techno of "Hepta End" whose final part leaves open the continuation of this chapter.

a1. Hepta

a2. Nubian Legacy

b1. Neopagan

b2. Hepta End