Legowelt - Star Gazing


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Danny Wolfers is stuck in a groove right now, a hugely prolific production groove which has him tossing out new material on a seemingly weekly basis for all manner of labels.

Hot on the heels of that Nacho Patrol 12" for Simonetti and a under the cover album for Blue Moon Safari comes this this three track debut for the equally relentless Unknown To The Unknown label.

The Star Gazing EP makes for a wondrous display of Legowelt's talent for implementing those trademark melodies within various rhythmic frameworks; in the case of stand out track "Visions In My Mind", it's a hypnotic disco jacker lent no small degree of melancholy by the titular vocal.

a1. Legowelt - Star Gazing

b1. Legowelt - Visions In My Mind

b2. Legowelt - Wayfaring Stranger