Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub [LP]


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Released 7th October 2016

A classic album from the Upsetter himself, the incomparable Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Widely considered the first full-length dub LP, “Blackboard Jungle Dub” pairs Perry with another Jamaican legend—engineer King Tubby-- and embodies the Upsetter’s loose, instinctive sonic approach, with instrumentals stripped down to the bare elements and then brilliantly reassembled as only he can do.

A1. Blackboard Jungle Dub (V.1)
A2. Rubba, Rubba Words
A3. Cloak A Dagger
A4. Dub From Africa
A5. Dreamland Dub
A6. Pop Goes The Dread Dub
B1. Fever Grass Dub
B2. Sin Semilla Kaya Dub
B3. Moving Forward
B4. Blackboard Jungle Dub (V.2)
B5. Kasha Macka Dub
B6. Setta Iration Dub