Le Matin - Destroy the Comfort Zone LP (12"+CD)


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With the trust and work of Isaiah Tapes, «Destroy the Comfort Zone» is the second long play record coming out by the Mathematics releasee - Le Matin. Going along with its full 12 tracks cd album version insert, this is a non-impairing dreamt and solid record composed by 3 quarters of swamp-sounding electro and water world techno, kept a long time in the dark for maturation and finally coming out. "Destroy the Comfort Zone" brings deepness that will surely help the listener to reach new places.




b1. experience regeneratrice

b2. Yeah

c1. macrobiotique

c2. russian drifting

d1. cat vomit

d2. de coeur ton battre

e1. MO5 Michel Platini

e2. patatra

f1. gender wars

f2. pot casser