Laurence Guy - Making Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteem


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Release Date: 1st March 2019

For his Studio Barnhus debut, Laurence Guy connects the dots between the lo-fi ambient investigations of his 2017 album Saw You For The First Time, the warm club sounds heard on All I See Is Her (last year’s standout 12′’ for Tokyo’s Mule Music), and the London-based dj/producer’s long roots in deep drum’n’bass and dubstep soil. Those roots, always present as subtle rhythmical traces on Laurence Guy records, now appear more explicitly than ever, boosting the typically graceful harmonies and sooty samples of Guy’s music with a new, profound energy. From the unswerving neo-jungle of Wildlife, through My Brain Is A Scrambled Egg with its dusty rave euphorisms, onwards to the hypnotic guitar ballad It’s Good To Try, this six-track EP is chock-full of the sort of unrestrained musical enthusiasm that Studio Barnhus is always on the lookout for. Making Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteem is at once Guy’s most experimental and most personal record yet, an essential addition to both artist’s and label’s catalogues.

a1. Wildlife

a2. Missing In Reaction

a3. I Have The Feeling I've Been Here Before

b1. My Brain Is A Scrambled Egg

b2. Are You Fine?

b3. It's Good To Try