Last Life - Nootka EP [12" Marbled Vinyl]


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Release Date: 22nd September 2017

After 2 EP’s for Loxy’s Cylon Recordings, Italian artist Last Life debuts on Samurai Music with 4 reduced reconstructions of contemporary Drum & Bass. The core of the Last Life sound revolves around spirited, stepping half time kick drums with shards of historic breakbeat treatments peppering the rhythm. An inherent bounce sets apart Last Life productions from many of his contemporaries. Those drawn to the sound of Clarity and Homemade Weapons will find the Nootka EP straddling a middle ground between their styles, but testament to this EP’s shining identity is both these artists favouring tunes off the Nootka EP heavily in recent sets.
 Hammered by Homemade Weapons, Clarity, J:Kenzo, DJ Mantra, Presha and more.

a1. Nootka

a2. Plumb Line

b1. De-Excitation

b2. Ergo