L U C Y & E3 Breaks & Sir Rah - With The Fracture [hand-stamped / 180 grams]


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Release Date: 27th March 2020

Introducing Cutcross, created to champion the melting pot of bass-centric sounds teetering around 140 bpm. Heading up the concept is Sicaria Sound, a DJ duo who since their inception set out to explore and expand on the possibilities of these sounds whilst spotlighting underground artists. Cutcross is therefore their next step in supporting the forward-thinking music that they've drawn for when curating sets.

"CXT001: With The Fracture" is a nod to some of the sounds that started off each of their relationships with raves, later helping soundtrack many of the dances they went to together once their friendship began. In being no strangers to club floors, this first release presents four carefully chosen cuts made to move to.

c1. E3 Breaks - Sickle Cell

c2. L U C Y - Edge It

x1. Sir Rah - Dulcet Tear

x2. Unknown Artist - Dead End