L.SAE - The West End as it Will Be


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Released 28th August 2015

Bristol based imprint Timedance launched in February this year, with the 'Cardinal' 12" by label head Batu (Hotline, Dnuos Ytivil). Following on from this the label travels further into dark, off-kilter UK techno territories with a debut 12" by L.SAE.

L.SAE is a new project by Joe Higgins, also known as Metrist (Resin, Fifth Wall), exploring experimental techno-tempo music. He creates a distinctively raw, atmospheric sound palette, referencing material from early Drum & Bass, noise-techno and 90s IDM. Both tracks are tough as nails, containing thunderous distorted kick drums and clattering percussion, but also delicate, mournful synth work.

a. L.SAE - The West End as it Will Be

b. L.SAE - Line Sunk Like I'm Sunk