Kypski - Wrecked & Packed [Transparent 12" Vinyl]


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Release Date 8th October 2021

Ltd Transparent 12" Vinyl. The acclaimed Wreck Fader album by Kypski saw it’s vinyl release about 2 years ago. Since then Kypski has been working on quite a few things. Amongst these projects is his amazing online remix project. As part of this, Kypski took the hit Love Sick from Mura Masa to another level. His remix of Dutch smash hit Drank & Drugs by Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex also caught the attention of a lot of people which resulted in thousands of views and shares on Facebook and Youtube. Due to the succes of Kypski's remix project we thought it was an excellent idea to remix Wreck Fader and that's why we asked a diverse range of Dutch producers to wreck the tracks of Kypski's album. The remix album follows the intensity of the original in an extraordinary way. The remix artists had the opportunity to pick tracks which fit their own style best. Ultimately all remixers took Wreck Fader into another dimension. Julien Mier chose Armitage Skank and made it sound so easy yet complex at the same time. The deep vibes by SparkUp x Taro take Clockworx into the bass zone. Skip & Die did what they do best: make it even more pushy, electro rave madness. Colin Benders turns it into a modular proto tool. The deconstructing of Mixology by Roel Funcken goes completely into a wobbly crispy spatial twirl. The always returning amen gets exposed in the FFF remix like it’s a dream from 1994. De Likt made Trambalero sound like it's one of their own original tracks with punky, in your face vocals on ruff direct beats. Deformer dares to battle the D-Styles work-out: Mad like hell and mutating it to a rave punch.

a1. Armitage Skank (Julien Mier Remix)

a2. Headcrack (Colin Benders ReCon)

a3. Mixology (Roel Funcken Remix)

a4. Clockworx (SparkUp x Taro Remix)

b1. The Hype (FFF Remix)

b2. Trambalero (De Likt Remix)

b3. Dejaays (Skip & Die Remix)

b4. Wreck Fader (Deformer Remix)x)