Krash Slaughta - Sugar Coated Doom [LP]


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Available: May 2021

It’s a given that timing is everything in music – most obviously in terms of composition and production but often just as much in regard to conception and release – the latter two doubly poignantly so in the case of this massive DOOM vs The Sugarcubes mash-up LP from turntablist and producer Krash Slaughta.

A1. DOOMS Introduction
A2. I’m Hungry DOOM
A3. Great Vitamins
A4. Chihuahua Face
A5. Hit It
A6. Gold Raid
A7. Nurse Chong
B1. I’m Hungry DOOM Inst
B2. Great Vitamins Inst
B3. Chihuahua Face Ins
B4. Hit It Inst
B5. Gold Raid Inst
B6. Nurse Chong Inst
B7. Chihuahua Face Alternative Mix