Klaus - Tele / Delta / Luc


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a1 – Tele, we start with a track that focuses on delayed sounds dropping in and out over a very deep pad drone style background. When it all happens together sounds mesmerising. In addition to this delayed drum samples make a superb and very creative way of appearing in this is great opening to this EP.

b1 - Delta, Amazing atmosphere here with very sci-fi film score feel in its conception, with use of hypnotic and well paced tones; bouncing, delicate atmospheric sounds that really focus on the use of space within the track. This piece has a real visual quality to it whilst listening.

b2 – Luc, A very ambient composition, with bell chimes and moody suspense like chords this really has an eerie but welcoming quality to it. Many little glitch sounds that really capture the real sounds that have been used in the track, it has a kind of classical feeling about it and this could also lend itself to film.

The EP that Klaus has created here is a very visual ambient piece, well worth getting if you are into your ambient chilled out music.

a1. Klaus - Tele

b1. Klaus - Delta

b2. Klaus - Luc