Kiyoko - Fragments EP


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A1 – Archway: The Fragments EP starts with a really deep ambient piece called Archway, this track has some amazing textures and ambiences that have a very thought provoking sit back and chill vibe. Great soundscape and synth work really gel together well, lovingly crafted softened percussion hold the atmospherics up in the air...

A2 – Fragments: The title track on the EP keeps the deepness flowing, this has a more uplifting feel as far as beat structure goes but retaining the spacey and other worldly pads and synthetic sounds. Filtered brush beats grow out of the atmosphere and keep your attention as they do, proper track for the deep heads out there.

B1 – Lost Object: takes us down the more downtempo road whilst retaining the depth of the previous pieces. More punchy beats are present with a noodle bassline that swings and filters through the tune; the atmosphere here is still in the underwater camp as far as soundscape goes but having a certain edgy quality to it. Another winner here from Kiyoko.

B2 – Headlights: The Fragments EP ends with another slice from the depths of a mine shaft - plucked reverb guitars with dream like washes and pads take you away from the reality of life and sends you to the stars! So much soul and beauty, the quality of sounds used here are simply stunning.

Kiyoko has captured the ambient vibe to perfection, if you like ambient music and tracks with a very otherworldly vibe then this simply is a no brainer and a must have in your bag.

a1. Kiyoko - Archway

a2. Kiyoko - Fragments

b1. Kiyoko - Lost Object

b2. Kiyoko - Headlights