Kiat & Digital - Nightingale EP


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Release Date: 16th April 2021

From Bristol to Singapore via Leipzig: Defrostatica present ‘Nightingale’,
a lifesaving EP from two total dons of the craft – Kiat & Digital.

Metalheadz alumni, friends since early 2000s, both crazy respected for
their commitment, contributions and refusal to compromise; these kindred
spirits have collaborated on all kinds of projects, including Kiat doing
the artwork for Digital’s Headz release the ‘In The Lurch’ EP. Here we find
them nursing their deepest creative state to date.

Nightingale swoops into the roost with revitalising effect. The perfect intro tune to that first set you play to a full floor when the covid gates finally lift, there’s a great sense of atmosphere, poignancy and tension from the halftime beats to the meditative chant.

Slugstep completes the collection of originals. While it’s every bit as slow and unhurried as its name suggests, there’s much more harmonic shine than there is slime. Untypical of either act and completely refreshing, it’s yet another reminder from Kiat, Digital and us here at Defrostatica that conventions are meant to be defied.

a1. Kiat & Digital - Nightingale

a2. Kiat & Digital - Slugstep

b1. Kiat - More Than One ft Weish & Isaac Aesili

b2. Kiat - More Than One (Digital Remix)