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Spring Theory

Release Date: 22.07

Spring Theory
alumni Keita Sano returns to deliver the latest EP on the San Francisco/Paris-based label. Titled Miles, it's an adventurous sample collage of a three-track EP that showcases the rising Japanese producer's knack for crafting unusual yet effective cuts for left field dancefloors.

The EP begins on a jazzy tip with the sample heavy drive of the titular "Miles." Deep and percolating, it features a jigsaw puzzle of piano riffs, vocal blips and symphonic murmurings that build into one neatly designed sonic sculpture. Never one to be satisfied with the ordinary, Sano breaks it all down with a trumpet-led interlude that evokes the muted coolness of the track's namesake.

"Blue" constructs a similarly jazz-indebted sonic tapestry. Its chugging, almost tribal drums provide a trance-inducing rhythmic base for a moody mix of saxophone wails and lush keyboard runs.

And while jazz may seem like an overarching theme, Sano finishes the record with a blur of digitally chopped ritual chanting on "Varna." Complete with jittering voices, droning gongs and weaving calls to prayer, it's the kind of weirdo psychedelic track that'd perfectly soundtrack the shift from a late-night to an early morning.

a1. Miles

a2. Blue

b1. Varna