Kazufumi Kodama & Undefined - New Culture Days


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Released 25th May 2018

After being in the reggae band the Heavymanners (parted in 2009) led by Takeshi “Heavy” Akimoto, and participating as a supporting member of DRY&HEAVY after which the band reunited with the original rhythm section, Sahara (keyboard/programming) and Ohkuma, who worked as the drummer of Soul Dimension, started the dub unit Undefined. It is no exaggeration to say they have pushed the variously formatted term of “dub” to the far shore experimentally and furthermore, liberated the definition of dub to “undefined.” Their debut 7inch vinyl released in March last year from their own label Newdubhall is being well received even overseas and in the spring of 2018, this 10inch vinyl “New Culture Days” will be out, which will be their second release.

“New Culture Days” was co-composed with Kazufumi Kodama. It goes without saying that he is the one who has been continuing to pursue dub, through Mute Beat, the originator band of this country and also under his own name.While citing sound texture like techno-infused minimal dub, Undefined’ s track dashes on a trackless road. And there is the trumpet of Kodama, who has also been giving sympathy to minimal dub since the late 90s. A trumpet that draws a vivid line on monochromatic aspect, flickering sounds of drum and bass, and the third lead that represents this work awaits at the far end of the echo. It is “mu,” in another words, nothingness.

Just as the stars are floating in the urban night sky, the sound is lonesome yet bold and bright and the jet-black darkness lingers. An aggressive bass and effective sounds: this track expresses the cream of dub music with its excessiveness and nothingness facing one another. This track did not come to reality without the deep understanding of these two dub seekers. Moreover, excluding covers, this is the first original track by Kodama in a long time.

Over the past several years, an electronic and experimental dub, which is diverse from so-called bass music and new roots, is being recognized again as one of the streams. It could be said that New Culture Days too, welcomes this sort of essence.

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