Kantyze - Get Over Here / Gipsy Curse


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Released 18th November 2016

Kantyze are a duo consisting out of Feubo & Knockoutz, they’re a born and bred pillar of the Tours (France) underground music scene who have a combined experience of over 20 years of drum and bass music.
Gathering releases on labels such as Citrus, Dutty Audio, Mindtech, Fokuz and forthcoming releases on Renegade Hardware & Kosenprod these guys are definitely a staple of the underground French producer scene.

With support from big guns such as C4C, Optiv & BTK, The Upbeats, State Of Mind, June Miller, Audio and right after the release of their 4th album on Platform Recordings.
We are proud to present their tracks ‘Get Over Here’ and ‘Gipsy Curse’ for their second release on Concussion Records for CNCSN004.

We start off with ‘Get Over Here’ which instantly grasps your mind and locks you into the track on the first hit. Eerily haunting vocal hits graze this cinematic pad filled landscape, with the occasional rougher hit to make it feel like you’re standing in the aftermath of a battlefield.

The drop is the definition of a funky roller which sucks you right into the mesmerizing bass lines, you can’t help but reminisce about the early drum and bass days. The flow of the drums punches through the mix as it keeps giving you little surprises and switch ups throughout the track.

On the flipside we have ‘Gipsy Curse’ which is a real steady creeper. Melancholic synth hits and delayed stabs take you on a ride through what feels a downward spiral of darkness. The more the intro progresses the more you feel as if the curse is creeping on you.

It drops into a stripped-back roller with jaw dropping bass weight and complimentary mid basses, that just for a moment makes you forget you had been cursed by the intro. Quickly bringing you back to reality as a new haunting synth drops back in after the switch making you relive the fear of 'being cursed' all over again.


a. Kantyze - Get Over Here

b. Kantyze - Gipsy Curse