Kantyze & Bowsar - Prelude to Schism / Thanos


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Available from 13th January 2017

Kantyze tune on CNCSN001, Prelude To Schism, is a spine-chilling tribute to the future. Out of this world beats get matched with an emotional vocal line, as the duo put their best into what they do. Driving bass sets the course after the drop, and more effects are added in later. This is a perfect introduction to Concussion Records, and will have fans screaming for more.

Thanos takes you on a journey into the galaxy, moving your soul as well as your mind. Huge rumbling basslines collide in your heart and your head, as the three producers pour everything they have into the tune. Breakneck beats on the one hand, deft brushes of samples on the other, this is one tune which has it all. Nothing will prepare you for the power of Thanos, but get ready anyhow.

a1. Kantyze - Prelude to Schism

b1. Bowsar & Kantyze - Thanos