Jurango - Retreat Ites E.P


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Release Date: 12th February 2021

Bristol's Jurango kicks off 2021 in fine style with the 'Retreat Ites' EP for the Livity Sound Reverse series.

From the paranoid echo of the title track to the dark mutant dancehall of 'Theeves', Jurango crafts heavyweight ice cold drum and bass rhythms exploring the outer reaches of soundsystem music in true school Bristol fashion, placing him amongst peers such as Laksa, Batu and Lurka.

Livity Sound is a label set up by Peverelist in 2011 as a vehicle for a raw and exploratory strain of UK techno, rooted in the heritage of UK dance music and sound system culture. It has since become one of the UK's foremost protagonists for cutting edge underground electronic music.

a1. Retreat Ites 

a2. This Better Worth 

b1. Theeves 

b2. Compassed