Junior Dread – Wonderful Feeling (Gorgon Sound remix) / Freedom (DJ Madd remix)


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Released 21st August 2015

Born and raised in the ghetto of Vila Guilherme located in Brazil’s São Paulo, Carlos Almeida Jr. aka Junior Dread represents the new generation of conscious reggae music worldwide. His sound brings a positive message of love and understanding to the world.

He has released singles with respected international artists such as Mungo’s Hi- Fi, Dubateers and Gorgon Sound to just name a few. In 2015 he teamed up with Moonshine Recordings to release remixed versions of his biggest tracks ‘Wonderful Feeling’ and ‘Freedom’. Supported by influential artists like Om Unit, Kahn, Radikal Guru, Doc Scott and many others.

Gorgon Sound’s take on ‘Wonderful Feeling’ sends positive vibrations through 2015’s dub culture. They have kept Junior Dread’s founding voice to rule the top-end vigorously, while catchy instruments levitate original intentions. The duo hit unity with blessing chords, chest-rumbling waves of bass weight and a righteous steppa rhythm that fits the Moonshine outfit perfectly.

The flipside coming from DJ Madd is a darker affaire that hints back to the early Jungle days. His ‘Freedom’ remix exerts deeply resonating 808 basslines that propagate below a defined threshold. Junior Dread’s dub basics are kept close to the heart of the Hungarian producer, which leads to a rework that makes the perfect B-side to this heavy 12” plate from the Moonshine Recordings camp.

Words by Signalfire 

a. Junior Dread – Wonderful Feeling (Gorgon Sound remix)

b. Junior Dread – Freedom (DJ Madd remix)