Jose Manuel - Safari


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Optimo Trax

Release Date:  28/10/2016

Yet more Italians on Optimo Trax! Josè Manuel delivers 4 unique exotic, fourth world, tribal slabs of ritual music.

A1, “The Great Beast in Outer Space” is actually an Andrew Liles track that Jose has completely reworked and sprinkled his magick on. Mr. Liles is one of my favourite producers in the world, both for his solo work and for his input into my all time heroes Nurse With Wound. For those who know his work, having something by him that will work on a dancefloor may bring a smile to your face. Thankfully I know him a bit and he was more than happy to grant permission for this to be released. 

A2, “Folklore” is Fourth World exotica reimagined for late night dance rites.

AA1, “Ritual”, is exactly what the title says it is.

AA2, Sisi leaves the dance floor completely and even though Optimo Trax is 100% aimed at DJs, was simply too lovely to leave off.


a1. The Great Beast In Outer Space

a2. Folklore

b1. Ritual

b2. Sisi