John Beltran - Faux


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A1 – Faux, John Beltran : This original version of Faux has a loose, almost natural vibe to it. The use of guitar sounds that pluck away over quirky kick drums and percussive elements work together to hypnotic effect. The addition of distorted synth leads that have an acid like quality to them adds a sense of depth. This is a very thought provoking track and the placement of every component part is well imagined.

B1 – Faux (Four Tet Remix) : The remix as you would expect adds a touch of class to the already tidy original. The groove on this remix is superb and is a more structured tight snappy affair. The guitar sound has been mashed up and has a slight bit crushed feel, not over done though. The way that the delicate chimes reveal themselves is very special indeed, they sound so delicate and fragile. Four Tet adds a great sub bass to the mix and this really rounds off the overall sound of the remix.

This is a great experimental EP that has definitely got the dance floor in mind. The grooves here are solid, and various individuals will most certainly throw odd shapes on nights out on the town. Well done to John Beltran and Four Tet on this lush slab of vinyl.

a1. John Beltran - Faux

b1. John Beltran - Faux (Four Tet Remix)